IPS PowerServe has an array of electrical equipment engineering, manufacturing and repair services to get you powered back on quickly after a disaster. Our services range from disaster response to disaster recovery planning, including critical temporary power solutions during your power system restoration.

Emergency Response

PowerServe can get your power system back up and running fast. We can rapidly transport electrical distribution equipment from our extensive inventory to anywhere in the country. Our expert personnel can also mobilize to your site quickly.

Disaster Recovery Project Management

We have managed countless disaster recovery projects from start to finish. Our process takes a calm, measured approach to getting you online as soon as possible. We manage the entire process, starting from a thorough damage assessment all the way to installation of new or repaired equipment and start-up.

Temporary Power Generation

With substations, switchgear and the fast transport of electrical equipment, we have the ability to generate temporary power to allow your company to get up and running while we work to bring your continual power system back online.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery plans can help you achieve continuation of business operations quickly and efficiently after an emergency outage. We can develop the right plan for your unique needs and provide the training needed to implement it.

Other Disaster Recovery Services

  • Substation restoration
  • On-site bus fabrication (built to ANSI C37.20.2 standards)
  • Equipment rental and quick shipping

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