IPS PowerServe has years of experience with both new and retrofit power system protection and control services, including turnkey engineering services. Our accredited technicians and professional engineers can help improve your system reliability and personnel safety by making sure you’re getting the full benefit of your protection equipment.

Safety is paramount at PowerServe and all services are provided in accordance with our own strict internal safety standards. All tests are performed to customer provided specifications or the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations and ANSI/NETA standards.

Relay and Metering Upgrades

Relay and metering upgrades improve safety by achieving faster detection and clearing time for arc flashes. The two main components of this are the protective relay and the circuit breaker interrupting times. By interrupting the arc flash energy wave early, the hazard to personnel is greatly reduced.

Relay Testing and Maintenance

IPS PowerServe can test and verify the optimal operation of your relays through system functional testing, trip checks and in-service testing. Our relay maintenance services include detailed test reports and complete schedules. We have the ability to maintain electromechanical, solid state and microprocessor relays.

Other Protection and Control Services

  • SCADA and RTU
  • Field Engineering
  • Relay Panel Installation
  • Commissioning
  • NERC and FERC Compliance Studies
  • Expertise with PRC-005, PRC-024 and PRC-025

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