A short circuit study is performed to verify that each device of the electrical distribution system, including service equipment, breakers, branch panel boards and connected equipment will meet the minimum requirements of short circuit energy at their connection point in the electrical distribution system.

For example, short circuit interrupting equipment such as circuit breakers and fuses should have ratings greater than the short circuit duties calculated by the study.

When ratings for your power system are too low, equipment may fail to interrupt a short circuit or ground fault. This leads to more widespread effects throughout your electrical power distribution system as more switchgear fail.

Knowing these fault currents protects not only the equipment from destruction during a fault condition, but also personnel from injury or death. These calculations are also required for determining the coordination of protective relays, circuit breakers and fuses.

IPS PowerServe’s short circuit study calculation procedures are in accordance with ANSI and IEC 60909. Short circuit calculations are also useful when meeting NEC requirements that short circuit interrupting devices have capabilities in excess of the duties imposed on the devices by the system.

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