Anyone connected to the bulk power system knows about the difficulties of keeping up to speed with the multiple North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) requirements that need to be met to pass an electrical audit. IPS PowerServe can offer you the NERC compliance guidance that can help you avoid getting fined.

We ensure that our professional electrical engineers are always up to speed on the latest requirements, including:

  • PRC-005
  • PRC-019
  • PRC-024
  • PRC-025

Plus we can handle everything needed to get you ready – from the testing and documentation to preparing the report for your audit.

For an added level of assurance, IPS PowerServe can even conduct a mock audit. We are CIP-compliant as well.

We can also take care of any necessary electrical maintenance that the testing shows as needed, or conduct preventative maintenance during slower months, when you have time to take an outage.

Contact IPS PowerServe to learn more about our NERC compliance management services!

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